Please leave it to us! Everything about construction, from ground survey to ground improvement!

Working hours 9:00 - 19:00〔Except Sundays and holidays〕
We provide a wide range of infrastructure and environment surveying services including road, river erosion, bridge, current state of forest and land restoration surveying. We then propose development plan and maintenance plans.
River erosion control
We conduct surveys of mountain streams, investigation of landslides and cliffs, and provide diaster prevention information.
We propose countermeasure method and planning based on stability assessment and analysis results.

Differential analysis of unstable land

Riverbed material monitoring

Roads and bridges
We provide inspection services for slopes and structures to obtain information for maintenance and management, and safety of national and local roads.
Based on the survey results, we will conduct detailed investigation and propose countermeasure methods in areas requiring necessary measures.
We employ dedicated vehicles to inspect and assess structurs and bridges managed by national and local government.
Forest engineering
We conduct tree inspection and forest density survey, as well as state survey of devastated areas to propose land restoration planning in order for growing diaster-resistant forest.
Ecological survey: Investigate habitats of animals and consider environmental conservation measures.
Plant inspection: Inspect current state of trees, and grasp the growing condition for precious plants.
Transplanting: Preserve precious plant species by transplanting techniques.
Hydrological Investigation: indentify the groundwater supply and measure water flow for hydrological analysis.