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Solar power plant construction
We propose the optimal solar power generation system based on field survey from study stage to location identification, power generation capacity, cost and revenue planning.
After contract award, we hold the untilmate responbility for designing, construction and operation of the solar power generation system.
We aim to contribute to the local communicity with the “Environment friendly” proven professional skills and technology.
1. Planning
– Your request – Our proposal
At the study stage, based on field survey we propose a full plan to ensure adequate amount of solar radiation, space for installation of solar panel, access to electric power system, evaluation of ground strength and system maintenance.
2. Contract – Payment
– Discussion – Contract
We propose a detailed plan of construction process and methods of solar power plant and technicians explain in an easy-to-understand manner. The contract will be signed only when the customers fully understand the contents.
– Consulting – Permission
We support the customers in contract with the electricity company and application for equipment certificate from the authority.
3. Construction
– Installation – Construction
We install neccesary equipment and device such as solar panels, ground stands, and power conditioners. We also provide other services as site preparation, foundation work or stand construction.
– Site preparation – Installation
We level the ground for construction according to the engineering designs then build the ground stands to hold solar panels.
– Installation – Test run
After leveling and building the stands, we install solar panels. We then check the operation of the whole system. After that, we proceed to connect to the electric power system based on the contract with electricity company (start power sale)
4. Operation
– Periodic inspection
Periodic inspection will be conducted after installation of solar power generation system.
– Maintenance
We support customers in any cases of system failure.
Solar Sharing
By installing solar panels like wisteria trellis in cultivated land, we build up a futuristic agriculture that creates solar energy while continuing farming.

We install ground stands like wisteria trellis in order not to influence farming on the cultivated land. On these stands, we arrange small solar panels to share sunlight with the plants.

We think by achieving double incomes from agriculture and solar power generation system, we can solve the problems of labor and successor shortage in farming, reducing the uncultivated land.

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