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We provide a wide range of surveying services including disaster prevention measures, disaster recovery, landscape evaluation, crisis management, and maintenance of public works such as roads and bridges.
Basic surveying service
– Precision leveling
We conduct reference point surveying which becomes the basis of the national survey.
We create base data for general survey by using GNSS survey to obtain location information from sattlelite, and precision leveling technology for measurement at 0.1mm units.
Photo: GNSS surveying
– GNSS Surveying
– General public surveying
We provide various surveying services including reference surveying for infrastructural construction such as roads and rivers, and emergency survey after disaster. We are continuously improving our expertise to serve our customers better.
– Construction management
The i-Construction initiative of Ministry of Land, Infrastruction, Transport and Tourism encourages the integration of ICT into the whole process of management from surveying to design and construction, in order to improve the productivity at the construction site.
Our company adopt 3D surveying methods in construction management by using UAV and terrestrial laser scanners.
– Shallow surveying
Shallow survey is the surveying technology to study the seabed or lake-bottom topography in water areas such as rivers, seas and lake.
We provide various surveying services including water lane management and lake sediment measurement.
– Aerial Photogrammetry
Aerial photogrammetry is the technique to combine continous aerial photography to create topographic map.
Aerial photogrammetry is becoming common in recent days thanks to the increased use of UAV especially in large areas.
Our company has been using UAV in ground photograpic survey to create 3D models.
3D models are specially helpful in disaster management where access to the disaster site is limited and maintenance of public works such as roads and bridges.
– Aerial Laser Scanning
Aerial Laser Scanning is a surveying technique using multiple laser scanners installed on flying devices to precisely calculate elevation and produce complicated topography.
Laser beams are transmitted to objects on the ground, which in return provides measurement of tree height and ground elevation.
We recommend aerial laser scanning in surveying areas where information of large areas is required in a short time and forest areas.
– Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Different from aerial laser scanning, terrestrial laser scanning which is a surveying technique using laser beam transmitted from ground is specially effective in surveying areas where human access is limited like cliffs, buildings, or bridges. Thanks to 3D data, we can acquire the measurements of objects, produce contour map and reprentation of micro-typhograpy, especially for steep cliff surfaces.