Please leave it to us! Everything about construction, from ground survey to ground improvement!

Working hours 9:00 - 19:00〔Except Sundays and holidays〕
We propose plans to manage and maintain public facilities and extend infrastructural lifetime beside conventional works including road improvement, riverway and sewage system design, and erosion control.
River – Erosion control
Using aerial laser survey data and photographic interpretation technologies, we propose erosion control and disaster prevention plan, infiltration diagram and hazard map necessary for each region based on topographic analysis.
We support our customers in collecting and analyzing topographic and geological information about bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, slopes and trees at risk of falling. We help create disaster prevention plans for road management and maintenance.
Forest engineering
We conduct forest survey and investigation of water flow and propose plans and help design erosion control dams and hillside foundation to prevent debris flow diaster or slope failures.
Agricultural construction
We propose plans for agricultural water supply and drainage (using pipes and reservoir)
Water supply and sewage system design
■Water supply and sewage system preliminary and detailed design
We propose preliminary and detailed design plans considering the regional characteristics.
■Pipe inspection and repair
Inspect olds pipelines and propose repair or renewal plans.
■Sewerage maintenance management
Inspect and maintain sewerage system using GIS technology. We also take care of public water system.
Solar Power Plant Construction
We provide a comprehensive service including surveying (land survey, ground survey), design (layout, construction drawings), construction (site preparation, pile driving, stand and panel installation).
We propose design and construction plans aligning with customer requests and local conditions.