Please leave it to us! Everything about construction, from ground survey to ground improvement!

Working hours 9:00 - 19:00〔Except Sundays and holidays〕
Civil engineering
We build roads, rivers, waterways, residential land formation, bridges and sewage system to support the basis of people’s lives and city development.
Road improvement
We build and improve a variety of roads operated by the central, prefectural and city-level government.
We replace old gutters, build underground sewage system and remove puddles and steps. We improve ageing roads, build safe and beautiful roads.

Project in Minami district, Kumamoto city. We built embankment, waste water system, stone walls, pavements, road surface and widened roads, making it safer and easier for users.

Project in Kita district, Kumamoto city. We built large-scaled retaining walls, sidewalks, special surface. We also constructed the intersection with national road which was then under construction.

River and waterway engineering
The work comprises of construction and maintenance of seawalls, river dredging. The work includes river widening, carefully and promptly undertaken to recover embankments after disaster. The works also includes renewing and building of new water sysem, box culverts. We are always thoughtful about the environment and apply latest technology into the work.

Project in Higashi district, Kumamoto city. The old waterway which has been used a long time ago was rebuilt by secondary concrete products.

Project in Kita district, Kumamoto city. The revetment was severely damaged after a heavy rainfall. It then was recovered by stacked porous type blocks and returned to the smooth flow.

Site preparation
Transform vacant land or farmland into residential land. We provide a wide range of services from design to construction of embankment, retaining wall, drainage, paving, water supply and sewerage system to meet the customers’ demands.

Project in Kita district, Kumamoto city. We converted vacant land into 12 lots of residential land by building retaining walls, setting up drainage system and road access.

Project in Kita district,

Bridge construction
Our company built bridges alongside Kumamoto ring road. We coordinate workers working with scaffoldings, reinforcing steel, formwork to improve quality and safety management.

Project in Nishi district, Kumamoto city. Assessment undertaken by the local authority showed that the bridge was unsafe under the loads. We repaired this extremely important bridge within 24 hours using secondary concrete products.

Project in Nishi district, Kumamoto city. We built the cast-in-place concrete abutment for a new connecting bridge at a corner of the new ring road.

Sewerage system construction
We install new and replace old sewer pipe under the streets. We undertake all the work regardless of scale, such as replacing septic tank, install new sewer system for current street or new street in construction sites.