Please leave it to us! Everything about construction, from ground survey to ground improvement!

Working hours 9:00 - 19:00〔Except Sundays and holidays〕

Our corporate motto is “customer first” and “provide satisfactory services”.

We aim to make our customers, our suppliers, our partners, our employees and everyone who works with us happy. We believe that “technology asset” and “human asset” are the most important forces to accomplish that mission.

High “human asset” will bring customer satisfaction. High “technology asset” contributes to the development of society.

This means, it is crucial for the company to improve both “human asset” and “technology asset”.

For that purpose, we relentlessly learn, think and join forces to work and are able to enhance our technology and human asset.

Each of us, pushing ourselves past the limits, finds happiness and worthiness in hard works, and in turn supports the company motto.
I myself want to continue building such company.

At present, there is a technological revolution going on in civil engineering industry with the adoption of ICT and automation in order to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.
We need to enhance our human asset to keep up with the development of technology.

January 2017 President & CEO Kazuo Usami

Company name Usami Kogyo Joint Stock Company
Representative President Kazuo Usami
Address 〒861-8043
2F JK, 1-5-35 Toshimanishi, Higashi Ward, Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture
TEL:096-368-4700 FAX:096-368-4702
Capital JPY 18,000,000
Establishment 2006
number of employees 53 people
Qualified personnel
Engineer – Technician
Surveyor – Assistant surveyor
Geological surveyor
Civil design engineer
Water network design engineer
Sewer system type 2
Reference point A course
Road disaster inspection course
Class 1 Landscape construction management engineer
Tree doctor
Civil Engineering & Construction Management Engineer Class 1
Civil Engineering & Construction Management Engineer Class 2