Please leave it to us! Everything about construction, from ground survey to ground improvement!

Working hours 9:00 - 19:00〔Except Sundays and holidays〕

Protect the environment and assets by utilizing soil liquefaction countermeasures.

Application of "i-Construction" system initiated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Main activities

We pursue both material and sipiritual happiness and contribute to development and prosperity of the society.

Construction Division

Civil engineering

By various technical methods, we strengthen the foundation of the city and people's lives

Demolition works

We provide one-stop service from building and facility demolition to waste disposal.

Solar power plant construction

We take responsibility for the whole process of construction work from planning to designing, building, and operating.

Paving works

New road paving. Deteriorated roads resurfacing. Paving works for parking lots operated by the city.

Ground survey and improvement

Investigate the current state of the ground and improve force resistance.

Sales of building material, dump truck and heavy machinery

Sell and deliver at site construction machinery - disposal of gravel, sand and construction waste.

Construction consulting